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IFTD 2017: Abel Shows Off New Drool-Worthy Reels and More!

SDF Reels: It should come as no surprise that Abel's new SDF (Sealed Drag Fresh) fly reels are pretty stunning to behold. Weighing-in one ounce lighter than the previous SD reels, these fresh offerings are equipped with 8 carbon fluoropolymer/stainless discs that provide up to 10-pounds of stopping force and nearly three times the adjustment compared to the old SD. Basically just a smaller version of the SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) reels, a few of the many features include fully machined construction, new larger drag knob design, tons of porting throughout, quick-change spool, and Abel's new machined/ported handle.

Sizes include a 4/5 ($695), 5/6 ($755), and 6/7 ($795). These made-in-the-USA works of art are available NOW.

New Reel Cases: With the new Abel/Ross facility in Colorado and the new reel designs, Abel's refreshing is even extending into the reel packaging. There's not only new box designs, but a sweet new pouch as well. Constructed from a great-looking premium nylon, there's an adjustable hook and loop closure, moisture-wicking microfiber fleece liner, built-in drain holes, and a leather Abel logo patch with small Colorado flag. Included with the purchase of a reel, you can also purchase them separately starting at $50 each.

New Pliers: The Abel pliers have been redesigned this year to feature a more comfortable shape. Machined from 6061-T651 aircraft aluminum, other features include a built-in loop-tightening hook, spring-loaded handle opening, logo'd stainless pivot bushing, replaceable jaws, bottle opener, and included leather sheath with lanyard. Expect a starting price of $300 with availability in October.

New Finishes: Abel's jaw-dropping custom finishes get even more awesomeness this year with the addition of new tarpon, *brown trout (*shown in the above SDF overview), rainbow trout, and brook trout finishes. On top of standard reel pricing, the tarpon runs an additional $1,000 while any of the trout finishes are $400 extra.

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