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IFTD 2017: Cortland MKII Fly Rods and.....

MKII Lake Series Fly Rods: The brand-new Cortland MKII rods are built a bit longer than the typical fly rod to provide extra reach when on your favorite stillwater. These rods are tuned to work well with any lake lines ranging from standard floaters to the heavyweight lines of today. The features list includes up-locking aluminum reel seats with graphite spacers, matte-grey blanks, premium cork grips, fighting butts with composite cork ends, and single-foot snake guides. The 10-foot length of each model should make them ideal whether casting from the bank or sitting down low to the water in a float tube. Choose from a 6, 7, or 8 weight.

MKII Nymph Series Fly Rods: This series was put to the test during the 2016 World Fly Fishing Championships and is designed for ultimate performance when euro nymphing or any other time when maximum line control matters. Similar in design to the Lake Series, these rods are crafted from advanced modulus and resins and sport unique down-locking reel seat designs, crisp, yet soft tip sections, small composite-cork fighting butts, and lowered stripping guides for improved performance and line management. Sizes include a 10'0" 2-weight, 10'6" 3-weight, 11'0" 2-weight, and an 11'0" 3-weight.

*All MKII rods will be available this summer at a price of $675 which includes a high-vis rod tube and rod bag.

Hi-Vis Flip Fly Line: Designed by "the man" Flip Pallot, this 100' fly line features a white running section along with an easy-to-see 30' head. Built upon a monofilament core for warm environments, the line sports welded loops on each end and is said to perform well at any distance. Available in weights 6–11 at a price of $89.00.

Heavy Sink Fly Line: Built upon a braided 50-pound nylon multi-filament core, the new Heavy Sink fly line also boats a stiff tropical jacket for warm weather performance. The black 30' head fast-sinking head is joined seamlessly to an oversized intermediate smoke-colored running line to provide quick-sinking capabilities while being easy to manage. Available in grain weights 400, 450, and 500 with pricing set at $89.00.

*Expect these two new fly lines to become available this fall.

New Leader/Tippet Materials

Saltwater Fluorocarbon Tippet: Features a proprietary blend of fluorocarbon which exhibits a smooth feel along with outstanding knot strength and abrasion resistance. 30 or 100-yard spools in sizes 6lb–100lb.

IGFA Leader Material: This new leader material falls within IGFA specifications and is made to combine the ideal stiffness and diameter for its given poundage. 30 or 100-yard spools in sizes 4lb–20lb.

Monofilament Leader Material: Strong, supple, durable nylon leader material for those folks that prefer to build their own leaders (like me!). 30 or 100-yard spools in sizes 8lb–100lb.

*Pricing on these new saltwater leader materials will be announced soon with availability in the fall.

New Ultra-Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet: Made with a "top secret" formula, Cortland's new Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon tippet is said to be the most premium currently offered on the market. You can pick up either a 30-yard ($19.15) or 100-yard ($49.95) spool in sizes 8X (1.9lb) to 0X (15.9lb).

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