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Product Overview: STREAMtrekkers

If you fish in rivers or any other place that involves walking on wet, slippery rocks, you've probably wished for some added traction at times. Aggressive shoes or boots can help, but in some situations you're probably going to need something extra. The crew at ICEtrekkers has an easy and quick solution in the form of their STREAMtrekkers traction devices. Made to fit over just about any boot regardless of sole material, they offer up a ton of extra grip to keep you from wiping out on your next fishing trip.

STREAMtrekkers sport simplistic and tough construction. First, there's an outer band that's made of thick rubber which wraps around your shoe or boot. Around the circumference of the band are seven steel grommets connected to short welded steel chain attachments. Connecting to these chains are the patented diamond beads. Comprised of case-hardened steel alloy strung on steel aircraft cable, these beads are both abrasion-resistant and provide tons of different edges to grip sketchy surfaces in all directions.

I found my STREAMtrekkers to be pretty easy to put on. It obviously does take some effort to work the band around the boot, but that's simplified thanks to a handle that's built into the rubber band. Once on, they contour very well and stay put. Since they are low-profile and weigh between 8–12 ounces per pair (depending on size), they don't feel clumsy when walking around. Thumbs up!

Men's sizes include S,M,L, and XL covering sizes 5–13+. Women's sizes are available in S,M, and L for sizes 5–10.5+. STREAMtrekkers are also made to cleanup easily which helps guard against the transportation of invasive critters. Price: $44.95 for any size.

Link: STREAMtrekkers

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