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How to Tie a Rapala Knot

Whether I'm using lures or flies, I use loop knots a TON. Unlike a traditional knot that snugs up tightly to the eye of a hook, a loop knot allows your offering to move a little more freely in the water. With some flies that pop, swim, or dart, the slight increase in action provided by a loop knot might occasionally generate an extra bite.

Out of all the known loop knots, the Rapala knot has been my favorite for many years. It has proven strong through everything from trout to tarpon, and on top of that it's a snap to tie. The Rapala Knot might have more of a conventional-fishing background, but that doesn't mean it has no place in the fly fishing realm. Check out how to tie this awesome knot below!

1.) Form an overhand loop in the main line, but don't tighten it.

2.) After running the tag end through the hook eye, bring the tag end through the open loop.

3.) Wrap the tag end around the main line 3 or 4 times.

4.) Bring the tag end through the loops.

*Note- Often times, I actually skip the next step and just pull the knot tight here. I have yet to experience any noteworthy breakage issues.

5.) Now, bring the tag end through the larger loop that was just created.

6.) Moisten the knot and tighten evenly!

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