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My Favorite Knot: How to Tie a Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot was developed years ago by the good folks at Berkley Fishing. Without a doubt, this is my favorite knot to tie on a lure or fly. Me and this knot go back—way back—probably around 25 years or so. It was likely the first or second knot I ever learned how to tie and is responsible for helping me catch thousands of fish in both fresh and saltwater. While I love the strength and simplicity this knot affords, oddly enough I've never really heard of anyone using it in the fly fishing world. While I've never quite understood this, I continue to use it frequently to this very day. Have a look below to see how easy this knot is to tie in just 5 easy steps!

1.) Take the tag end and pass it through the hook eye.

2.) Bring the tag end through the hook eye again one more time in the same direction that you started. This will form a loop.

3.) While holding the fly and loop firmly, wrap the tag end around the main line about 4–5 times. Once you make the first wrap, you'll notice that a second "loop" of sorts is formed.

4.) After the wraps are complete, run the tag end through both loops that have been created.

5.) Moisten the knot and tighten it down. I like to pull the tag end and main line first, then pull on the main line and fly to fully seat the knot. Clip the tag end.

This knot is said to have been tested to 100% knot strength—pretty impressive! While we don't have any of our own knot test data (yet), the Trilene Knot has certainly proven itself to me over many years. One negative, however, is that it's not good for smaller hook eyes. Depending on the tippet thickness and size of the hook eye, the line may not be able to pass through the eye more than one time. Despite this small negative, this gem of a knot remains at the top of my list!

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