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Essential Accessory: Simms Sun Sleeves

I know I've said this before, but for someone like me with fair skin and lots of moles, I take sun protection very seriously. Throughout my younger angling life I was usually pretty good about taking precautions by wearing appropriate clothing and using sun screen, but in the last 10 years or so the explosion of sun-protective clothing and accessories has made things even easier. From face masks to UPF-rated clothing to gloves, I own 'em all. About four years ago, however, the Simms Sun Sleeves were additional items that quickly joined my full-time arsenal. I wasn't expecting these to be nearly as handy as they've proven to be—I simply wear them A LOT!

Material: 92% Polyester/8% Spandex

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Colors/Patterns: 5

UPF Rating: 50

Price: $34.95

What are sun sleeves? Simply put, these cover your arms when wearing a short-sleeve shirt. They extend from the wrist to the upper part of the arm above the bicep (above most shirt sleeves) which really makes it look like you're wearing a form-fitting long-sleeve undershirt rather than just the sleeves. You may ask "why not just wear a long-sleeve shirt?" Of course you can do that, but I have some short-sleeve shirts that I like to wear occasionally while fishing and these allow me to wear these shirts while still offering protection for my arms.

Simms makes these sleeves with a snap at the top (to connect them together when not in use), elastic at the bicep, and a curved cuff for a tad more hand/wrist protection. The material is smooth yet quite stretchy and is very comfy to wear. These are form-fitting sleeves, meaning they should fit tightly against the skin and don't impede motion whatsoever. My arms aren't the biggest around, but surprisingly I fit into the L/XL size very well. All of the stitching is clean, and the construction proves strong when modestly tugged on. Aside from new colors being offered, the only changes I can physically see when comparing my new pair to my "old" Sun Sleeves are that one sleeve now sports a new "Solarflex UPF 50" logo at the bicep and both now have "Simms" logos at the wrists.

After wearing my old pairs for over four years and washing them countless times, the only damage/wear they show are a little piece of loose fabric and a slight degradation of the Simms logo—not bad after so much service! I know these new ones should hold up just the same and plan to wear the heck out of them.

At $34.95 the price is more than what many shirts cost, but the quality and protection is there. To complete your well-rounded selection of sun-protective clothing and accessories, the Simms Sun Sleeves are what I call an essential accessory!

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