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Cheeky Fishing Limitless 325 Fly Reel Review

Updated: Oct 24, 2021


When you see a Cheeky reel it's hard to mistake it for anything else. These guys are known for their not-so-boring offerings that come in some very vibrant color schemes. While Cheeky has enjoyed some nice growth in recent years that now even spans into the spinning reel market, it looks like they haven't been resting all that much because now they have unleashed yet another new reel series upon us: the Limitless!

Line Size: 2–4

Weight: 5.8 ounces

Diameter: 3.25 inches

Inner Spool Width: .08 inches

Backing Capacity: WF2F/120 yards; WF3F/100 yards; WF4F/80 yards

Drag: Stainless/PTFE composite discs (fully-sealed)

Machined/Cast: Machined Aluminum

Easy Release Spool: Yes

Color: Orange/Silver

Reel Pouch: Yes

Spare Spool Price: $135

Reel Price: $325

When I had my initial encounter with the Limitless 325 test reel, I immediately felt like it had an upgraded, or dare I even say, slightly more elegant vibe than Cheeky fly reels I've handled in the past. The design is very tasteful, with some new angles here and there, plenty of porting, and a slick orange/silver color combination. The reel is comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum and is machined using a "multi-axis" method that redistributes metal to key stress areas for added strength but no added weight. Overall, the reel looks great and was crafted with good quality. However, in looking closely with my nitpicking tackle-reviewer eye, I found a few less-than-obvious little imperfections in the finish and there's just a hair of space visible between the integrated and replaceable reel foot and the actual frame.

The Limitless 325 is rated at 5.8 ounces which is on the heavier side for a 2–4 weight reel. Compared to Cheeky's Boost 325 which shares the same dimensions and line weight ratings, it's over one ounce heavier. I was actually surprised by this because because there's porting all over, but the reel sports a generous drag knob, beefy drag housing, and a strong-looking structure which likely hurts it a bit on the scale.


Cranking on the Limitless 325 is easy thanks to a handle that features both a nice length and comfy taper. The knob's surface is smooth but the shape of it allows for confident reeling. A good-sized arbor and a narrow-diameter spool offers satisfying line pickup, and the mellow clicking sound heard upon reeling was pleasant to me. There's no slop to the spool while cranking and the handle knob has very little play in it, both of which give the 325 a solid, composed feeling.

Removing the spool is accomplished via the front center cap. It's a good size, has a bit of texture to it, and protrudes out just enough to allow for easy turning without scraping your knuckles against the spool. It also stays put when the spool is removed so it can't be dropped into the abyss, but with a little added pulling force it can be removed if you felt the need to do so. This simple system worked fine for me and I had no issues removing the spool or putting it back on quickly.

I'm a fan of the drag on the Limitless 325. It's fully-sealed via Cheeky's Gasket Drag System (GDS) and is said to be impenetrable by the elements. Its performance? Excellent! Line flows smoothly off the spool and kicks in with no discernible startup inertia at ANY setting. Even when thoroughly drenched, the drag kept right on ticking. The maximum drag boasts more-than-necessary stopping power with full drag occurring in a hair over three revolutions of the drag knob. Speaking of the knob, there's soft clicks to be felt and heard as the dial is turned. One of my favorite parts of the drag system is actually the knob itself. I like it because it's simple! It's a large diameter, sticks out from the frame just enough, and has a grippy, user-friendly texture to it.


The Limitless 325 is a solid new product entry for Cheeky Fishing. This is an attractive offering that has excellent functionality, a hip vibe, and carries a price that isn't out-of-line. For light-line freshwater pursuits, I wouldn't hesitate to put my trust in this little reel to protect the lightest tippets and persevere through any conditions. Along with the 325 size, Cheeky Fishing also offers Limitless Reels in several other sizes: a 375 (5–7 weight), 425 (7–10 weight), 475 (10–12 weight), and 525 (12–16 weight). Prices climb up to $525 for the largest model and each reel sports its own unique color scheme. Check out the link for more info, and also click through our gallery for close-up pictures and some more blurbs from our review!

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