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3 Reasons Why I Love Fishing Terrestrials

Living here in Florida, I don't get to trout fish all that much. When I do, I typically fish lakes, but when on a creek or river I try to avoid nymphing whenever possible. Yes, I've done it many times, but I just prefer to catch trout using dries and that order! Dry flies are an absolute blast since the anticipation is extremely high and takes are totally visible. My favorite types of dries to fish are terrestrials, bar none. Terrestrial fly patterns imitate insects like beetles, crickets, and ants that live on land. When these creatures fall into the water, they represent a tasty morsel to trout and other fish. Here's 3 reasons why I personally love fishing terrestrial dry flies!

1.) Easy to See: Terrestrial dry fly patterns are often very easy to see on the surface. Dry flies can come in shockingly small sizes that can disappear from sight during a presentation, thus making it tough to know when a fish has eaten your fly and not something near it. Terrestrial flies like ant imitations can come in small sizes too, but many patterns are quite visible on the surface due to their size and bulk. Other terrestrial patterns which may be harder to see are sometimes tied with a bright piece of material or other eye-catching detail on the back to be more visible to the angler. For me, fishing a fly that's easily seen as it floats down the stream is much more enjoyable and relaxing.

2.) They Can Attract Big Fish: Terrestrials often represent a more substantial meal which can attract the attention of larger fish. A larger meal makes it much more worthwhile for a big fish to shoot out from its lair for a closer look. These bigger flies may also pull in fish from a further distance since bigger flies are more visible from afar.

3.) Wind is Good: If you have a windy day during the warmer months, fly selection can sometimes be as simple as tying on a terrestrial. Brisk winds blow these critters into the water where they drift downstream and are picked off by hungry trout. The result is often awesome fishing, with some good quality specimens in the mix. Although I'll fish a terrestrial all over a given creek or river, some of the best action is often right along steeper banks and undercuts where these insects are likely to fall in. This makes it easy for those with limited casting or mending abilities since the fish may be just a rod's length away!

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