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Simms Fishing Pliers Review

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

If there is any tool that fly anglers—or anglers of any kind really—need to carry with them it is a good pair of pliers. Sure, you could grab a pair of rusty pliers out of your toolbox, but anglers know that there is a better option designed specifically for their needs. Our favorite pair of pliers are still the Abel Pliers but at $250 dollars for the base (black finish) and a leather sheath they are a big investment.

Simms offers their own take on pliers that are made out of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, weighing only 5oz and measuring 7.5" in length. The pliers feature a hollow stainless hinge that allows anglers to put their finger through for greater leverage when tightening knots or removing hooks. Additional features include a beveled notch for tightening down knots, stainless steel jaws that are replaceable, and tungsten-carbide cutters that are also replaceable.

The Simms Pliers come with a compression-molded nylon holster and clip-in lanyard. The holster may not be as nice as the leather one that comes with the Abel pliers, but it does get the job done nicely. The Simms Pliers are available in four different colors: Black, Simms Orange, Gunmetal, and Oasis (blue).

This made-in-America tool offers anglers a lifetime of performance and a good amount of refinement all for a reasonable price of $159.95.

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