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IFTD 2016: See What's In Store From Hardy and Pflueger!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Ultralite ASR Reel: This new reel sports a unique clear cassette spool system and an Assisted Spool Release (ASR) for fast spool changes. Machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum, this reel also features a "multi-pad" 340-degree disc drag, line ID system, and generously-ported design. Each reel includes two additional high-impact composite spools and a protective case. Sizes range from #4/5 up to #9/10/11 at a starting price of $299. Available in September.


Marquis LWT: This classic reel is made in England and sports a slightly updated style along with several key performance upgrades. On top of being machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum, other key attributes include modified porting to remove excess weight, an indented regulator button, click-check drag system, and a better range of adjustment. Hardy Marquis LWT reels come in various sizes to handle line weights ranging from 2–12 with a starting price of $329. These reels will start becoming available in September.


Ultralite FW DD: Yet another new reel from Hardy, the FW DD (Featherweight Disc Drag) reel sports a simplistic design and extremely low weight. So light are these reels that the largest size weighs just 3.6 ounces! The various features include machined construction from 6061 bar stock aluminum, a reduced-weight main shaft, Rulon disc drag system, and a push on/off spool design. This lineup includes models from a #1/2/3 up to a #4/5/6. If the Ultralite FW DD is on your list, expect to pay a price starting at $199 with availability beginning in September.


Fortuna XDS: The Fortuna has been upgraded this year for weight reduction. Features include a captive spool release, 340-degree drag knob, and a disc drag producing up to 30-pounds of fish-stopping power. Expect these reels in September at a starting price of $799.


Sirrus Rods: With the increased popularity of fiberglass fly rods recently, Hardy introduces a new glass series called the Sirrus. Utilizing SINTRIX technology, these rods bend deeply and cast smoothly, making them great choices for smaller waters. All Sirrus rods are three pieces and include a beautiful protective tube. Sizes include a 6'0" #2/3, 7'0" #3/4, 7'6" #4/5, and an 8'0" #5/6. If you want to get your hands on one of these fiberglass beauties, you can expect to pay a price of $399. Available in September.


Demon Smuggler: Touting an easy-travelling 6-piece design, these rods utilize SINTRIX 330 technology wrapped up in a beautiful blank color. The list of features includes American Tackle titanium stripping guides, built-in reel seat hook keeper, and an aluminum rod tube. All rods are medium-fast action and range from an 8'0" #4 single-handed model to a 14'6" #10 two-handed rod. Available in September, these rods will come wearing a price tag of $649.


President: Pflueger's new President fly reel sports a more compact size thanks to the mid-arbor design. Boasting machined aluminum construction, you'll also find a disc drag, aluminum handle, and R/L retrieve. Sizes range from #3/4–#11/12 with prices starting at $169.95 which includes a neoprene pouch. September availability.

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