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IFTD 2016: No Shortage of New Echo Fly Rods!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

EPR: Covering sizes from a 9'0" #8 to a 9'0" #12, these rods have a stout fast action but sport a nice soft tip for easy loading at short distances. MSRP $449.00


Bad Ass Glass: How's that for an attention-grabbing name? These rods were designed for anglers that want to catch big fish with a fiberglass rod. Ranging in size from a 9'0" #8 to a 9'0" #12, these rods will cover heavy freshwater and many saltwater applications. Tarpon fishing with one of these has to be pretty interesting. Very cool! MSRP $274.99


Trip: Want a rod you can take nearly anywhere? Featuring an 8-piece design, Echo Trip rods are designed to pack down small for the ultimate in portability. Available from a 9'0" #5 to a 9'0" #8. MSRP $279.99


Boost Beach: Designed for overhead casting in the surf, Boost Beach rods have the length to drive out long-distance casts. Available in three sizes: #6 (230 grains), #7 (265 grains), and #8 (300 grains). MSRP $299.99


TR: Echo updated these rods for 2017 with new looks and a few new sizes including an 11'0" #3, 11'3" #4, in addition to rods ranging from an 11'0" #3 up to a 13'6" #8. MSRP $374.99


OHS: Short for One-Hand Spey, these high-modulus graphite rods come equipped with two removable fighting butts for two-handed or single-handed fishing. You'll find rods ranging from a 10'4" #6 to a 10'4" #8. MSRP $474.99


Dry: With so many stiff, fast rods on the market the Echo Dry is a breath of fresh air. These rods are designed to be true to standard line ratings while excelling at loading easily and conquering tricky fish. Models range from a 9'0" #2 to a 9'0" #6. MSRP $229.99

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