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IFTD 2016: Bauer SST Fly Reels

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

SST Reels: Bauer's new SST reels are striking to look at and sport some very colorful options. Designed and built in the USA, these reels are machined from aerospace-grade aluminum and boast features like a new narrow-profile frame, large-arbor spool, sealed zero-backlash carbon fiber drag system, and a drag star mounted on the front of the reel. Speaking of the drag star, the reel can come in an all-black color scheme or in clear aluminum with your choice of red, blue, green, black, clear aluminum, or gold drag star colors. There's also a pink or light blue option when pre-ordered for an additional $25. The SST comes with a standard red hub, but that too can be customized in a gold, blue, or clear aluminum color scheme for an added $25.

Bauer SST reels range from the SST 3 (#2/3/4 lines) up to an SST 8 (#7/8/9 lines). All models are very lightweight, with the largest example weighing just 6.5 ounces. Prices start at $355.

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