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ICAST 2016: Be a Pro with New Lamiglas Fly Rods

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

G1000 PRO Fly Rods: Brand new from Lamiglas, the made-in-America G1000 PRO fly rods sport subtle matte-grey blanks and simple cosmetics for no-nonsense looks. The component list for every rod model includes custom reel seats, fighting butts, stainless steel stripping guides, and stainless steel chrome snake guides.

Look for these rods to initially arrive in 9'0" lengths and #5,#6,#8,#9, and #10 line weights. All models have a moderate-fast action and two-piece blanks, but four-piece versions are supposedly on the way next year. G1000 PRO fly rods carry an MSRP of $400 regardless of which model is chosen. If you're interested in one the wait isn't long, as they should be released in September.


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