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IFTD 2016: Wade Fly Reels

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

WADE Fly Reels: South Africa-based WADE Fly Reels really caught my eye at IFTD with their elegant fly reels designed for everything from freshwater trout to giant trevally. Boasting a lifetime warranty, each WADE reel sports beautifully unique aesthetics and a heavily-ported design to reduce weight. Included with each reel are features like Type-3 anodizing, cork draw-bar drag system, lasered spool/line identification, and a generously-sized drag knob which adjusts to the maximum drag setting by turning 450-degrees.

WADE fly reels come in two different frame/spool designs and are offered in various model names for fresh and saltwater applications: Mykiss (#4/5), Trutta (#6/7), Albula (#8/9), Chanos (#10), and Caranx (#12).


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