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IFTD 2016: Improving Your Presentation With Brand New Lines From Cortland

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

GT/Tuna- Built for big flies and big game, these 100-foot-long floating lines utilize Cortland's new Grip Set technology coupled with a braided nylon multifilament core boasting 50+ pounds of breaking strength and great abrasion resistance. Featuring a yellow running line and a light-blue head, GT/Tuna lines also tout a tropic plus jacket to withstand harsh conditions. $89.95


Tropic Compact- This new line sports a short, aggressive head to beat the wind and toss chunky flies. Designed for hot tropical conditions, other features include Grip Set technology, welded loops, and Precision Shoot Technology. Length: 100-feet $79.95


Compact Float: Built on a braided nylon multifilament core, these lines measure 100-feet-long and have short head designs to throw big flies and load easily with few false casts. Featuring an HTx coating, they are designed for both cold and warm conditions. $89.95


Compact Intermediate (Blitz): Designed with a clear, compact intermediate head and HTx surface technology, these lines look great for streamer anglers fishing in a variety of weather conditions from cold to tropical. Length: 100-feet $89.95


Compact Sink: Thanks to the HTx coating and medium-stiff monofilament core, Cortland designed these 100-foot-long lines for both fresh and saltwater and all temperature conditions. Along with a 28-foot sinking head, you'll find a translucent, colored intermediate running line, welded loops, and type 3,6, and 9 sink rates. $89.95


Omni-Verse: Measuring 100-feet in length, Omni-Verse lines are long-belly lines with 62-foot-long head lengths designed to fish everything from nymphs to streamers. Available in hi-vis orange or moss green, the head is built at a true standardized line size. $79.95


Competition (Braid Core): Built on a strong and sensitive braided core, these ultra-thin lines excel at helping you feel the take when using modern nymphing techniques. Available in both level and double-tapered varieties in 90-foot lengths. $54.95


Competition (Mono Core): Cortland is also offering a Competition line with a mono core for great energy transfer and reduced line sag through the guides. Colored in a slightly darker "Gecko Green" tone, these lines also measure 90-feet in length. $54.95

*All of these new Cortland fly lines should be available in October!

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