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IFTD 2016: The Latest Offering From Aspen Reels

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Aspen Reels: Made-in-the-USA Aspen reels come equipped with a host of features for rugged performance in a simple, yet handsome package. Some aspects of an Aspen Reel includes a frame and spool fully-machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum, Type III anodization, a hollow main shaft for heat dissipation, and an easy pop on/off spool. At the core of the reel's design, Aspen uses a fully-sealed teflon and stainless steel drag system and 4 stainless ball bearings to maintain smooth operation.

Both mid and large-arbor reels are offered in a variety of fresh and saltwater-friendly sizes. Mid-arbor reels cover line weights from 3–10, while large-arbor reels start at a #3/4 size and range up to a brand new #10/11/12 model.

When purchasing an Aspen you'll have your choice of black, matte black, or clear color schemes. Prices range from $200 for the smallest mid-arbor model up to $350 for the biggest large-arbor offering.

As an added convenience, Aspen makes their 325, 350, and 400-sized spools interchangeable. For example, if you own a 350 large-arbor reel (#4–6 lines), you can put a 350 mid-arbor spool on it which gives you the added capability to use 7 and 8-weight lines. This is a great idea for the angler that wants to be ready for different conditions or species without buying another reel.


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