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IFTD 2016: 3-TAND Shows Off Exciting New Reels

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Stu Apte Signature Series: New for 2016 from 3-TAND reels is the limited edition Stu Apte Signature Series. Limited to just 100 samples of each size, these fully-machined reels may be purchased as a set (with an optional case) or individually. Other noteworthy features include a sealed nano-carbon drag system, integrated spool counterweight, rubberized inset on the reel foot, and the Stu Apte signature along with a beautiful fish image on the back of the frame.

Various sizes will be offered to cover a multitude of fresh and saltwater fishing situations: SA-50 for #4/5/6 lines ($290); SA-70 for #6/7/8 lines ($300); SA-90 for #9/10 lines ($480); SA-120 for #11/12 lines ($560). Expect availability around the end of the year.

Another really interesting feature is that both the SA-90 and SA-120 reels feature interchangeable spool options. Basically, this gives you the capability to handle additional line weights with the same frame simply by purchasing an additional spool. Owner Ron Poehailos gave an example of this by saying that if you own an SA-90 reel (#9/10 lines), you can simply purchase an SA-70 spool which thus converts it into a #7/8 weight reel. This is not only a very handy idea, but it saves money too!


VIKN: Pronounced as "Vixen," this mean-looking reel is fully machined and sports a sealed nano carbon-fiber drag system. You'll also find the familiar integrated spool counterweight along with a rubberized inset on the reel seat. Sizes will include a #4/5, #6/7, #8/9, and a big #10/13 reel that saltwater and spey anglers will appreciate.

3-TAND had the #8/9 reel on display at IFTD which touts over 12-pounds of drag pressure. It is 4.6" in diameter, the spool is a narrow 1.05" wide, overall weight is just 7.7 ounces, and the backing capacity is 300-yards with 30-pound Cortland micron. This particular size should run $430 with availability coming very soon.

Also of note, 3-TAND recently acquired ZeeBaaS, maker of fully-sealed precision saltwater spinning reels. They have big plans in store, so keep an eye out for more great fly reels and spinning reels in the future!


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