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ICAST 2016: Fly Rods From G-Rods!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Pro Series Fly Rods- While I have heard of the G-Rods brand, for some reason I wasn't aware they offered a line of fly rods! Made with a proprietary graphene/Toray blend, these sticks really set themselves apart both in looks and materials. So, what exactly is graphene, you ask? G-Rods says it is the lightest, strongest material ever discovered, and that it's 200 times stronger than steel and one million times thinner than paper. Impressive!

Pro Series fly rods blend stealthy black cosmetics and upscale features like 1K Toray carbon fiber reinforcements in the bottom sections and titanium guides along with SiC inserts. All rods sport a fast action and 4-piece design. Sizes range from an 8'0" 3-weight up to a 10'0" 8-weight (10'0" rods include a 5" switch grip). Prices start at $499.95 and top out at $699.95 which includes a carbon rod tube. For an additional $100, a rod can also be had with a full carbon grip!


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