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When did Yeti Get so Cool? Meet the Rambler

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

With the momentum of a rising star it seems like everywhere you look you can find a "Yeti." On the deck of a boat, in the oversize cupholder of a truck, or even in the office, Yeti products have definitely become the popular brand of coolers and drinkware among not only fly fishermen but outdoor enthusiasts in general. Since when did Yeti get so cool?

Meet Yeti's newest drinkware option, the Rambler 18

What made Yeti famous, their premium coolers

There are a lot of other options out there but when it comes to doing one thing, and doing it really well Yeti still leads the pack. Born from their high quality coolers Yeti helped define what it means to have a premium cooler, one built for maximum ice retention and to stack up to the abuse of serious anglers on the go. Since then the company has branched out to drinkware products ranging from bottle openers to their Rambler Series of personal drink coolers.

We take a look at the new Rambler Bottle 180z., a slim tumbler that is designed to keep coffee hotter or cold drinks cooler longer. All Ramblers are made from 18/8 stainless steel and the method that the company uses to preserve drinks is a double wall vacuum insulation design combined with an excellent cap design that has plenty of threading to really lock down the dual rubber gasket.

Note the gaskets on the top and bottom of the TripleHaul cap

I’ve fished with my Rambler many times now and while the Rambler is a little on the heavy side compared to other bottles it inspires confidence with the bottle’s robust construction. The cap features a handle design that makes it easy to rotate the TripleHaul™ cap on and off even when your hands are wet, or when wearing gloves. One other benefit of the design is that it doesn’t “sweat,” meaning it prevents condensation from collecting on the outside of the bottle making it slippery or causing water to drip off in your truck.

In terms of keeping drinks hot and cold the bottle can keep coffee hot half a day and warm an entire day. When it comes to cold drinks if you load in some ice it will easily keep your beverage cold all day, easily beating plastic cup designs many times over. Note that each time you open the cup you lose a lot of heat or expose the drink to heat so opening and closing the Rambler will have the biggest effect on beverage temperature preservation.

The cap features a great design that is easy to hold, open and close

The Rambler may look simple but it is designed extremely well. Fly fishermen want to be able to fish on the go and moving from spot to spot while staying hydrated is easy with the Rambler 18. The cap design enables it to be clipped on or the diameter of the bottle is small enough that it can be inserted into a cupholder on a belt or pack. Unlike narrow mouthed drink bottles that are a pain to fill and rinse the Rambler has a wide opening that makes it easy to refill, drink from, and clean.

A big opening that fits over your nose when drinking

This slick looking bottle is built for anglers on the go but looks just as good sitting on your office desk during the workweek. I’d highly recommend this size for applications fishing requiring mobility, or if you just want one size that can kind of do it all. The 36oz size is great for a day on the water in a boat and the 64oz. is great if you’re out camping. The Rambler 18oz. retails for $39.99 and while it is a little on the expensive side compared to other insulated bottles it is really built to last. Yeti has built up a cut following, offering “cool” products that keep do exactly that…keep your beverages cooler for longer on those extended wade or float trips.

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