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Knots help connect you directly to the fish, and there are a bazillion knots that serve different purposes. To lessen the confusion, we've selected a handful of popular, time-tested favorites and provided standard examples of how to tie each one. Keep an eye on our blog and social media for fresh informational and instructional content regarding other knots, too! Click on any image in the following galleries for instructions and a closer look. ​

*Knot Note- It is recommended to moisten any knot before cinching it tight.

Improved Clinch Knot

Suggested Uses- Tying fly to tippet

Albright Knot

Suggested Uses- Joining together two lines of different diameters / fly line to backing / fly line to leader butt

Surgeon's Knot

Suggested Uses- Tying on the tippet section

Nail Knot

Suggested Uses- Fly line to leader butt

*For the Nail Knot, I used a Tie-Fast tool which makes tying this knot a breeze!

Arbor Knot

Uses- Backing to spool

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