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Offering its own unique varieties of tackle, tactics, and challenges, fly fishing is often viewed as being an intimidating and expensive sport. The good news is that it doesn't have to be! DEMYSTIFLY was created by us to be a valuable resource for anglers seeking easy-to-understand information within the world of fly fishing. Throughout our website, you'll find everything from tips to product overviews geared towards helping you become more knowledgeable and proficient. Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this site offers content that anglers of all skill levels will understand and appreciate. Fly fishing isn't scary; it's awesome! We invite you to join us as we "demystify the gear and art of fly fishing"!

Meet Paul "Wolbugger" Wolter - Editor-in-Chief

After spending much of his free time fishing with conventional tackle on local lakes and piers, Paul first grabbed a fly rod around the age of 12. Starting with a cheap beginner's combo picked up at a local shop, he taught himself to cast on the front lawn, then refined those basic skills with a few formal weekend lessons. Paul's passion for fly fishing has only grown through the years, and to this day, he has caught various species on the fly, from bluegill to tarpon. In addition to fishing, Paul loves to check out and tinker with the latest in fly and conventional tackle. When not on the water, his other interests include working out, hiking, and cars. Fish on!

Meet Alex "Zander" Mei - Editor

Perhaps better known as "Zander," Alex is passionate about all things fishing and is also the founder of, a leading publication dedicated to delivering the latest tackle news and reviews spanning the entire fishing industry. Over the last two decades, as he has been engaged in all things angling, he has also enjoyed fly fishing and all the stunning locations where the sport immerses you. He is dedicated to sharing ideas and connecting anglers with instant access to information via the web. When not on the water or writing about tackle, his other interests include hi-tech products, cars (both on and offroad), and archery.

Meet Dennis "Cal" Shew - Editor

The lore of fly fishing has always been mysterious to Cal, so when the idea of Demystifly was discussed, he was all for it. To him, fly fishing isn’t just about the skill or the gear, it’s also about a deeper connection to the environment in which you’re immersed, and in today’s world, there’s not enough appreciation for that perspective. It’s also about stealth, finesse, reading the river, and not snapping off that fly you spent three hours tying the night before. Cal looks to learn alongside you, share his non-traditional views, and hopefully capture some inspiring imagery from where this journey takes us along the way.

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